November 29th – December 12th






European foreigners love soccer

Last night me and 2 other exchange students went to Kansas City to watch the soccer game between Sporting KC and FC Dallas. They are from France and Spain. We had so much fun and Sporting KC won with 3-1! As an exchange student you don’t only meet and get to know friends from America, you also get to know people from all over the world. And that’s why it’s so fun to go on exchange! Both meet people from here and people that are in the same situation as you!




Let’s go Jayhawks 

The first college football game I’ve ever been to and it was so fun! Kansas university against Memphis but KU lost because football is not their thing at all, but people don’t really go to the KU games for the football, people go because of the atmosphere around and hanging out with people. There are lots of people that tailgate before and during the game and so did we. And tailgating is like when you are hanging out at the parking lot and grill burgers or wings or hotdogs and have fun. So I say it again, we should have sport in college and high school in Sweden.