October 5 – November 26

It has been 50 days since I uploaded a post here on the blog. I apologize for that, especially sorry mom and dad but when real life hits you it’s hard to post things because it doesn’t feel like vacation anymore. But whatever her is a post with pictures from october 5th thru today november 26th. For example pictures of, soccer, football, golf, Royals taking the crown home, Jayhawks both football and basketball, halloween, thanksgiving, friends, family, sunset, pumpkin patch, cutting christmas tree. Yeah pictures of what I’ve been doing the last 50 days. Will try to upload more frequently now. Take care and happy thanksgiving(cuz thanksgiving today=food coma)

Hade fin fint ❤






  1. ❤️❤️❤️ Nice pictures! I especially love seeing the Thanksgiving pictures of the family, our family. They sure are family both to you and me now. It gets kind of tricky when you think about it. Liz is my sister which makes her you aunt, but she is also your mom so that makes you, your own cousin… 😄



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