I scored and tornado sirens 

Yesterday I had a soccer game against Lawrence high school and we won 4-0. I scored the last goal in the game so after 4 played games I have one assist and one goal. I’m really glad that I started play soccer here beacuse it’s so much fun and it’s a good way to get friends! We always ride the bus to the away games together with the varsity team which is really fun, sometimes it’s a 3 hours drive so we get off school earlier on the away game days. For example when we had a game in Wichita we left school 1:30 pm and came back 11:30 pm just for a soccer game. But I like that, how important sport is for people here. Swedes should be like that and we should have sports in high school in Sweden!

And when we came back to Topeka the tornado sirens started which means you have to go down to the basement. It was kinda funny because me and my host mom talked about tornados the day before and she said that it barely happens that you have to go down to the basement and then it happens just the day after we talked about it! 




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